The Engine Room Library

To coincide with its rebranding, The Engine Room launched a new library site this month. I designed it in Sketch and built it in gh-pages. It’s proving to be an extendable platform for their many research products.


Talk at MIT Media Lab

On my way through Boston this week, I swung by the MIT Media Lab’s Center for Civic Media to give an informal talk about the Wapichan’s monitoring work and Digital Democracy.

Me, explaining #FridayDiscoBackup to the monitoring staff.

DigiDem, Part II: Guyana

Guyana is one of the most densely biodiverse countries on the planet. And this month I spent two weeks in its southern savannah working with forest monitors to document indigenous land claims.


Unplanned Jungle Tech Detox

During a bumpy, hour-long motocab ride out of Iquitos, Peru, my iPhone popped out of my pocket, out of the loosely scaffolded vehicle, and onto the potholed and rocky street. By the time I realized it was gone, it was already dust.


DigiDem, Part 1: Peru

Last month I joined Digital Democracy, an Oakland-based nonprofit that brings technology to indigenous communities in South America to protect their land rights and fight climate change. I’ve joined for a little while to advise them on how to grow their team. Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.