Data Artistry


Data Artistry

It’s beyond time to leave behind my UC Berkeley business cards (as much as I love the back), which means a new design and an incrementally better title.

“Freelance urban planner” still feels a bit odd as a job, for a variety of reasons, especially that it’s pretty vague. I always feel at east with the folks at Aspiration Tech, and I’ve been hosting sessions at their events in “visual storytelling” for a couple years now. “Visual storyteller” isn’t quite right though. I do more than tell stories with pictures: I use pictures to tell stories with data. I make pictures that are both visually compelling, but also push an objective narrative. Josh suggested “data artist”, and though I imagined someone rolling their eyes at this at a conference, it’s also a fair aspirational title.

So new business cards are on their way, branding me a “data artist” for at least the next two months.




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