DCRP T-Shirt

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DCRP T-Shirt

I designed a t-shirt for my graduate department. I’ve sold over 500, and spotted the first one in the wild today (at Berkeley Bowl, of course).

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Like it? Here’s the vector file. Do something cool with it and spread the Berkeley pride.

Edit: Actually, I have a long career of excellent t-shirt designs. I forgot about the Varsity Apple Bake shirt I designed for Conner 2 in undergrad. For the uninitiated, Apple Bake is a baking competition. Most people woke up the day of the event, did some homework, made a pie, and carried it downstairs in time to enter. My floor conducted test recipes months in advance, coordinated our ovens to prevent overuse and breakage, pulled all-nighters, and as a result we usually won all of the award money to spend on camping trips. So if anyone deserved to call themselves a Varsity Apple Bake team, it was us.

Read all about the brutish sport of apple on our MVP’s blog.

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