Graphic Design

I doodle mostly with lines, either in ink or vectors. My work has appeared in the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, on printed banners in Uptown Oakland, in various pro-housing efforts, in The Bold Italic, and on The Noun Project.

A series of Stellar Jay prints, 2021
A manzanita branch, 2020
A “quaranzine” about gardening in Truckee, 2020
A logo for the Transit team at Lyft, 2019
Materials for a DSA fundraiser to support abortion access, 2019
Shirt design for the Apple Boba Club, 2019
Swag design for a pro-housing conference, 2017
Shirt design for a pro-housing protest in Oakland, 2017
A banner for 511CC
Website content for 511 Contra Costa, 2014
Logo for
Logo for SpaceDog, 2014
Roadway banners for Uptown Oakland, 2014
Illustration for The Bold Italic
Illustration for The Bold Italic, 2013
Map for the Asian Art Museum
Map for the Asian Art Museum, 2012

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