Fish and Game Registry

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Fish and Game Registry

“Traditional” wedding registries don’t serve much use to a couple that already shares 600 square feet, so Josh and I made a website to register our honeymoon. This was an excuse for me to draw elk.

krill caribou
Always pushing the limits of taste, we planned our honeymoon, grouped each meal and activity by price range, and made a Kickstarter-style website. Buy a $5 beer at the krill level, or a fancy dinner at the Kodiak Bear level. All transactions handled immediately by PayPal.

seal salmon
We hoped it would be the least tacky possible way to ask for something like money, and avoid accumulating multiple blenders. As if my magic, our tech-savvy friends, traditional family, and everyone in between caught on.

I think the drawings helped.

eagle bear

I drew these all of these earlier in the semester with Chartpak Ad Markers. There’s nothing those things can’t do (expect be used in an unventilated space)!

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