Glass and other projects

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Glass and other projects

After probably a year of pottery withdrawal, I finally cashed in a Groupon for a glass-working lesson at Revere Glass School in Berkeley. $99 for four hours with a private instructor? Yes, please.

With a quick introduction to sticks, bulbs, and marbles, I advanced directly to dinosaurs. Because really, without visual aid, what else could I reproduce in glass?

While I’m blogging on artistic creations, I might as well report on the living room/bar area. Our kitchen’s smallness is mitigated by a nice open counter and bar-type area that opens into the living room. Given that we have all of four cabinets, this seemed like a good place to store some glasses.

First, the Sketchup model.

Then, the real thing.

I painted the fish to hang over the bar, because, well… what else do you hang over a bar?

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