Kaye Bock Award

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Kaye Bock Award

Volume 26 of the Berkeley Planning Journal is live. These nine words represent three major personal accomplishments.

  1. This is the second volume I’ve laid out for the Berkeley Planning Journal, cementing my prowess with InDesign once and for all.
  2. My article More than “Not Urban”: Seeking a Quantifiable Definition of Urban was peer-reviewed and accepted. It has a ton of maps and diagrams. It’s fitting that my own article be the most complicated to lay out.
  3. I won the Kaye Bock Award! Named after the Department’s former Student Affairs Officer, this award is given to “the most outstanding example of scholarship exemplifying Kaye’s commitment to underrepresented issues or people.”

This article is based on a chapter of my masters thesis, Beyond “Urban” Planning: An Overview of Challenges Unique to Planning in Rural California. Check out the whole article on eScholarship (a wonderful open access publishing format) or read/skim the full thesis on Scribd.

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