Mammoth at MacArthur


Mammoth at MacArthur

As a lurker on the East Bay Forward list, I’ve been following the “Mammoth In MacArthur”* project. I was in Barcelona when they put out a call for a t-shirt design. After a day mesmerized by Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, I had figures like these stuck in my head:

Outside the Sagrada Família, an incredible and incomplete cathedral in Barcelona. Sculptures by Antoni Gaudí.

On the train to Figueres, I tried to imagine what these shapes would mean for a mammoth. I came home to Illustrator and experimented to create this:

The list graciously accepted and celebrated the design, screen-printing it onto shirts to rally for approval at the Planning Commission.

Stomping all over a planning commission near you, tonight.

* Short version: The “Mammoth” is a proposed 22-story, 400 unit apartment building by MacArthur BART station. Its only flaws are that it’s too short and has zero percent affordable housing. The only way in which it is even remotely a mammoth is that hopefully it signals a period of extended cooling in the rental market as more new units start coming online.

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