Memes, Puns, and Selfies

This week I presented a map of Chinese media memes at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum. I was invited to collaborate by The Civic Beat as a cartographer, but we ended up creating something much bigger than a map.

From the Asian Art Museum‘s description: Writer, critic, artist and technologist An Xiao Mina has designed an interactive program that will explore the visual culture of the Chinese Internet. First, she will lead a panel of artists and researchers including Xiaowei Wang and Samantha Culp in the exploration of Chinese digital culture with a focus on creative forms of expression through words and images. Attendees will also participate in a calligraphy workshop meant to offer a hands-on exploration of Chinese-language Internet puns, sourced by Beijing-based artist Ma Yongfeng. As We’re preparing to expand the map into a more participatory experience, hopefully in collaboration with another museum. Read more at