Newton County Coloring Book

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Newton County Coloring Book

I’ve been in Newton County all month, jumping in and consulting on a slew of economic development projects. Designing a pro-planning coloring book was the perfect artistic diversion.

“In 1841, the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company opened a railroad through Covington. It was 171 miles long, and connected Atlanta to Augusta. The ride to Atlanta cost 5¢. The train brought lots of new jobs to Newton County.”

Nothing like making the connection between transit and jobs at an early age.

Download the whole book here.





Over a hundred years ago, the Porterdale Mill was the largest twine factory in the world. Workers used the power of the moving river to operate giant spinning machines. Today, the mill equipment has been replaced with loft apartments, and the people that live here enjoy a beautiful view of the river.


County Courthouse

Old Jail

Newton County will always have big houses. But now we’re building different kinds of homes, too. Some people like smaller places to live, so they can be near their friends and walk to lunch.


Ramsey Produce

To keep Newton County beautiful, we need to work together, conserve our natural resources, and create the kind of community that will enjoy another 200 years.

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