Transit at Lyft


Transit at Lyft

I joined Lyft last year to manage their transit data pipeline. It’s been a joy so far. I’ve had a couple opportunities to share that story through our official comms channels.

Friends with Transit: Lyft’s Role in Supporting Transit, 7/19/19

In which I lay down Lyft’s commitment to showing transit options in our app, and cement us as firming into this position as my words will take me.

High quality transit is the foundation of urban mobility because it is as irrefutable as geometry. Consider the San Francisco Bay Area where our regional train, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), can carry up to 28,000 people an hour between San Francisco and Oakland under the bay. That is nearly twice that of private cars on the Bay Bridge, which currently average only 1.7 passengers per vehicle (something we’re also working to change through our Shared Rides offerings).

Transit Information at Lyft, 8/27/19

Photo by Josh

What is transit data and how does it work? Includes one of my favorite personal accounts from work.

Headsigns are particularly tricky, and our own CEO, Logan Green, reported one of these bugs while testing data in Oakland. He noticed that the 51B, which goes between Rockridge BART and the Berkeley Marina, was describing trips in both directions as being “towards Rockridge BART.” We figured out that the agency was incorrectly labeling these Marina-bound headsigns, so we informed AC Transit’s support team, who corrected the issue in their next data release.

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