UI without UX is a Jackson Pollack painting. UX without UI is the wood frame of an unfinished house. They work together to make a tool usable. Here are some past UI/UX projects I’m proud of.

Mobile Transit Planning Survey


After supporting the deployment of dozens of these sites for transit agencies around the United States, I developed a mobile interface template to further expand audience participation. See BART’s desktop site for a working example of the previous model. The mobile site will be implemented by BlinkTag in January 2017.

Walk and Roll Palm Springs


The City of Palm Springs, California wanted an engaging site to make walking, biking, and transit seem more appealing in their fairly compact and growing high desert community. I designed the UI/UX for this mobile site, and BlinkTag built the site, which was deployed along with the city’s Sustainability Master Plan in late 2015.

iSmog Mobile App


511 Contra Costa requested an update to their mobile iSmog app. The app, first launched in 2012, allows people to view smog conditions, and register for alerts should air quality fall below a certain level. The app is currently under development by BlinkTag and will relaunch in December 2016.

San Francisco Unified School District Permit System


The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) allows members of the public to rent school facilitates outside classroom hours for public and private use. After guiding the district to develop a clearer fare policy, I designed the UI/UX for their first online permit reservation system. The site went live in 2014 and was implemented by BlinkTag.

Stop Clinic Terror


This simple webpage depicts the scale of domestic terrorism against women’s health clinics while offering a simple call to action. I designed the UI/UX, the site was implemented by SpaceDog, and the campaign was driven by Ultraviolet. The site launched in late 2015.

The Engine Room Library


The Engine Room is a research team that advances responsible data practices in human rights-related work. I designed the UI/UX for their new library site, which showcases some of their most interesting reference work while using their new branding guidelines. I also deployed the site through GitHub pages in Jekyll/Markdown. The site went live in June 2016.

Transport Oakland


Transport Oakland is a political action committee that organizes support for local political candidates with strong platforms for transportation policy. As board vice president, I manage our technology, operations, and communications. This includes our WordPress website that I UI/UX designed, implemented in 2015, and continue to maintain.

County Connection


The County Connection is a transit agency in Contra Costa County, a suburb of San Francisco. I redesigned their website to be more dynamic and mobile-friendly, and the design was implemented by BlinkTag. The new site launched in July 2016.

Guerrilla Cartography


Guerrilla Cartography is a nonprofit affiliated with the University of California – Berkeley, with the mission of radically opening academic publishing . As a board member, I developed GC’s technology and operations processes. This included their website, built in WordPress, which facilitated a very open global peer review process. The site launched in 2015.



SpaceDog is an Oakland-based digital strategy agency, which specializes in mobile citizen engagement and space-puns. In addition to their logo and branding, I designed the UI/UX for their website. The design goals were both describe their mission and include as many science fiction references as possible.

Unity Council

The Unity Council (formerly the Spanish-Speaking Unity Council) is a California-based nonprofit that connects residents to jobs, housing, and training. Frustrated with a website their current staff inherited long ago, I designed the UI/UX for completely new website, which was implemented by BlinkTag. The full site was implemented in July 2016.