Up and Parkleting

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Up and Parkleting

It’s alive!

For months, I’ve been trying to get someone in the City of Oakland to take the lead and create a parklet permit. To little avail. Finally, I got someone from the Public Works and Planning departments to say parklets are the other departments’ responsibility. I put the quotes in a draft article and sent the draft to both departments. Two hours later, they responded that a committee was being convened to create a cross-department process.


Of course, the real heros are Sal at Actual Cafe for funding his own parklet (and building most of it himself) and the excellent people in the City of Oakland, many who wanted to do this all along but needed the impetus to make it happen. Still, I look forward to doing my grad school homework in the parklet at Actual Cafe this fall.

I reported on this process in Streetsblog and Oakland Local. There are lots of pictures of the completed Actual Cafe parklet at the Bike Away From Work Party in Streetsblog and Oakland Local, too.

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