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Urban Biofilter

Caltrans owns a lot of land in West Oakland. Much of it is paved, but how much could potentially be planted with carbon-sequestering trees?

California is a small world. I interned years ago for the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and now circuitously later for one of the Strategic Growth Council’s grant recipients. Here are snippets of a couple of the maps I made for Oakland’s Urban Biofilter team.

Clip -> Buffer -> Union -> Select -> Repeat.

About 165 acres. And another 173 acres lay under bridges and ramps, far enough from a column to allow maintenance, but otherwise unused. Caltrans has specific requirements about safe planting distances, all of which I encoded and rendered.

On the rare occasion it rains in West Oakland, where does the stormwater go?

Matching stormwater infrastructure to a digital elevation model, it’s easy to see which way is down.

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