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Visual Thesising

I’ve averaged 500 words a day since class started last week. Here are some of the other bits I’m proud of.

Why HSR Property Owner Compensation is Disputed

This is part of why farmers in the Central Valley are opposed to High Speed Rail.

If you owned a farm on the HSR route, the gray area is what you would be compensated for losing. But if you have a row crop maintained by large machinery, like most agriculture in the Valley, that wouldn’t be fair compensation. It takes a lot of room to move those machines around, so the brown area is what you would actually be losing.

Then consider how you’ll get your combine from one side to the other. How frequent are the pass-throughs? Do you have to drive across someone else’s land to get there? Are they going to charge you for access (because they can’t plant crops in your way if you’re going to drive over them)? It gets complicated quickly. The HSR budget oversimplified this.

Conflicting Definitions of “Rural”, Illustrated

A lot of my report explores the meaning of “rural”. The US Government has three definitions, and these don’t always agree. The State of California uses 11. This image illustrates some California cities that might be urban or rural, depending on who you ask.

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